PicoTurbine Wind Turbine Classroom Kits

Alternative energy is rapidly becoming one of the major topics of study in the classroom and Spectrum has supplied kits that produce energy via solar, hydrogen and wind. In that latter production category we have recently added a series of Savonius Wind Turbines and Windmill generators by PicoTurbine:

Welcome to Spectrum Scientifics

Welcome to Spectrum Scientifics. The world surrounding us a fascinating thing and how we were created as a universe is also very intriguing. This is what science is all about. Spectrum Scientifics is a business comprised of people who are fascinated with science. We share our passion with the world through our one of a […]

Shake it up! The BenchMark 12L Shaking Water Bath

We have Water Baths, and we have Laboratory Shakers but there are actually many times in Chemistry and BioChemistry where you actually need to have both: The temperature control heating of a water bath combined with the shaking of a Lab Shake. Since it is considered a bad idea to put electrical equipment into water […]

REPOST: So you got a new telescope for the holidays – A Quick Primer for new telescope users.

Be it X-mas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Solstice or Giftmas this is the season for getting telescopes as gifts. Sadly, many of these scopes might be rushed into usage and some critical steps might be skipped. This can result in a frustrating experience for a budding young astronomer who may give up their new hobby prematurely. This […]

Gift Ideas for older kids (sometimes known as ‘adults’)

Sometimes you just want to get a friend, spouse, sibling, parent or somebody who isn’t a child a neat present from your science store.  Well here are a few suggestions for items that adults can enjoy. Rare Earth Magnet Building Toy

REPOST: The Spectrum Scientifics Telescope Buyer’s Guide

Reposting this for the holidays! Spectrum Scientifics Telescope Buyers Guide There are several telescope buyers guides available on the Internet, some good, some not so good. At Spectrum we are writing from our experience with customers and hope to make this simple and helpful. Towards that end, the first and in some ways only rule […]

Quick Pick Gifts Under $15!

OK, let’s just talk about low-cost gifts for a few minutes.  Here is list of gifts that are under $15 (or even lower cost) that make excellent gifts for people. Brain Cell Giant Microbe ($8.95) What a great way to say ‘Get a brain!’ without being insulting….mostly.

Happy Thanksgiving from Spectrum Scientifics!

Today is Thanksgiving, and we are closed! We will open tomorrow at 10AM and will have extended holiday hours on Friday and Saturday until 9PM! Come and get some evening shopping in Manayunk!

Glow Crazy Pattern Painter

Glow Crazy has been a nifty product we’ve carried for several years. It is a simple concept where kids can paint with light on a glowing canvas that fades over time.  The Glow Crazy Distance Doodler and the Doodle Dome have been popular products in this line. Now another entry has come into the product […]

New Fossils

We’ve carried fossils in the past, and still have quite a few. But sometimes old sources dry up and we need to find new ones. We have recently added some great new fossils for starting collectors. First up we have a Goniatite Fossil